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IQH-3DDisplay Technology powered by UltraD

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    Ultra-D™ 2160p

    2160p (Ultra High Definition) panels consist of 4K x 2K active pixels or precisely 38402160 pixels in a panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This translates into 8.3 million pixels that project an image as opposed to a 1080p (HD) panel with 1920 x 1080 pixels or 2 million pixels. This groundbreaking technology  provides a true auto-stereoscopic (3D without glasses) viewing experience in 2160p resolution when viewing stereoscopic (3D with glasses) or two-dimensional HD 1080p resolution content. A proprietary software algorithm in the Ultra-D SoC 4K conversion hardware takes the original 1080p input signal and creates new pixel information from the depth domain, unlike the simple pixel multiplication and stretching done by scalers that other companies use.

    This new pixel data is then processed as a 2160p auto-stereoscopic signal by a proprietary rendering chip, which results in an ultra high definition glasses-free 3D view on the Ultra-D™ 2160p powered display. The conversion hardware is significant for two reasons: (1) it can convert both 2D and 3D with glasses content into 2160p glasses-free 3D in real time and (2) the viewing experience is fully user adjustable. You can customize your 3D experience to your liking!


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