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  • Glasses Free 3D Digital Displays

    Glasses Free 3D - IQH-3D Digital Displays

    IQH-3D Display

    Glasses-Free 3D Display Applications

    • Advertising
    • Presentations
    • Broadcast and Streamed Video Events Rendered to 3D
    • Conventions
    • Simulators
    • Education
    • Training
    • Engineering
    • Medical
    • Home Theater
    • Countless Other Applications

    Create Glasses-Free 3D Content

    Click here to learn how to create glasses-free 3D content
    Click here to learn how to create glasses-free 3D content

    We are pleased to introduce you to the IQH-3D™ 65" Glasses-Free 3D Digital Display that incorporates a 65" 4K LED Backlight Panel integrated with 3D Glasses-Free UltraD™ Optical technology that includes Rendering and Real Time Conversion processors.

    The Glasses-Free 3D Digital Display’s Real Time Conversion Technology  automatically converts 2D or 3D Stereoscopic (with Glasses) content to Glasses-Free 3D. This means all content delivered via one of the IQH-3D™ unit’s HDMI inputs can be viewed in Glasses-Free 3D. Devices such as Blu-Ray Players, Cable and Satellite Receivers, Media Players, even Video Cameras can take advantage of its integrated conversion technology. 

    Click here to Discover Ultra-D Technology

    Click Here to discover the ground breaking glasses-free technology that powers IQH-3D™ visual displays.

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